Jamie Foxx and Howard Stern Battle it Out – On The Air

Apparently a battle appears to be on between Howard Stern and Jamie Foxx.

Howard Stern’s comments about Jamie Foxx’s “The Notorious Precious” set off a hilarious, obscene group beatdown on Foxx’s radio show. Jamie and his crew also had plenty of comments for Robin Quivers covering everything from her ways to her admission that she used to get her freak on with food.

The attack on Howard and Robin is MERCILESS!!!

But.. but… but… wait there’s more… Howard Stern has fired back in retaliation. Listen below to what he had to say:

Erykah Badu Window seat Video Uncut

Erica Badu video of her latest song “window seat” is now out in the market. The hot news about this video is that she has strip off her all clothes at the public place. This is the reason that this video is in controversy now days. She made this video uncut and unedited. Unlike other singers who do the same things but in room, she got naked in front of the people in this video. No doubt her deed is un- ethical because there were many young people and children that were present in the street but what she has done in not a new issue in American video industry.
She has been criticized by all media channels and newspapers. However, she did not think that she has done the wrong thing in her new released song. We know that it is shocking to get naked in public places but if you see the video no one is noticing her for getting naked. This video was shooted in Dallas in Texas. It is the place which is famous for the sexual stuffs. Therefore, we can not blame Erica alone for her act in the video. Along with that, she does not hire any model for this video and she did the scene by herself. Nevertheless, it is a controversial issue for everyone and especially for her fans who love her for her great music and songs.
Now Erica is going to face everything but she is determined that she has done nothing wrong in this video except for stripping herself.

Comedian D.L. Hughley suing Zanzibar nightclub over event, flier with his name

The radio ads said D.L. Hughley was going to appear at D.C.’s Zanzibar nightclub last Friday. That was news to Hughley’s promoter.

Indeed, when the promoter, Tracy Wiggs, checked with the star himself — actually in town for a night of stand-up comedy at the Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro — it turned out he didn’t even know about it, says Hughley’s lawyer. And both were baffled by the fliers they found online, promising that the star of “The Original Kings of Comedy” and “The Hughleys” would headline the waterfront nightspot’s “Free Fall Friday” — bottle service and VIP access available.

Hughley filed a $1.1 million lawsuit on Monday against Zanzibar in Prince George’s County Circuit Court, alleging fraud, invasion of privacy and misappropriation of his name and likeness. A rep for Zanzibar said she was exploring the matter and did not offer a comment by deadline. But Hughley’s lawyer alleges that the club refused his requests to cease promoting his appearance — an appearance the comedian insists he never agreed to make.

Even when they’re legit, celebrity “hosting” gigs tend to be somewhat phantom affairs: Athletes and entertainers are booked to do little more than show up, then vanish into a private room, leaving just a cloud of stardust in their wake. Many clubgoers have low expectations: At a much-hyped Jamie Foxx appearance at Love nightclub in 2007, patrons partied on happily even when the superstar called in sick.

But Hughley is taking this one seriously. “People called Tracy, saying, ‘Why’d your boy fake on us? We went to the club, he wasn’t there,’.” said Hughley’s Bowie-based attorney Jimmy A. Bell. “This is what D.L. said to me: ‘I don’t ever want this to happen to me again.’.”

// By The Reliable Source  |  March 30, 2010; 1:03 AM ET

Antonia “Toya” Carter Gets Her Rap On; Does “Bedrock” (RMX)

It looks like the music genes run in the family, as Lil Wayne‘s childhood sweetheart/ ex-wife and the mother to his child, Reginae, Antonia “Toya” Carter, has gotten on the ladies remix to the Young Money “Bedrock” track. The track also features rapper Rasheeda, Diamond, Angel Lola Luv and Kandi Burruss. Check out the remix to “Bedrock” below. (via Bossip)

Is this a good look for Toya? Should she make some more music, or stick to television with Tiny? Share your thoughts on her music!