Brands And Social Media

 your brand is important is to your success as an artist. So what is a brand exactly? It’s a combination of your image and your sound. Stray too far from either and you lose your brand identity.

Assuming that you maintain your brand integrity, here are few interesting facts from Atym Marketing Reseach about how social media plays into building that brand.

  • 29% of Twitter users follow a brand.
  • 39% have tweeted about a brand.
  • 29% have retweeted about a brand.
  • 58% of Facebook users have liked a brand.
  • 42% have mentioned a brand in a status update.
  • 41% have shared a link, video or story about a brand.
  • 66% of people who have liked a brand have 100 or more Facebook friends.
  • 84% are active daily.

How do your followers prefer to be communicated with?

  • 32% prefer to get short updates from the brand they follow.
  • 27% prefer emails.
  • 5% prefer blogs or press releases.
  • 5% videos
  • 1% audio podcasts.

The point of the stats above is that people who like brands are very active on social media and greatly influence others. That’s why social media should always be a main part of your overall marketing strategy.


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