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  1. Artist Name/Group Name
    BIGHAND-NO/W.A.S.T.E Entertainment
    Washington DC/D.M.V
    Label/Music Group
    Indie/ W.A.S.T.E Entertainment
    Date of Birth: June 28, 1980
    Age: 29 years old
    Place of Birth: Washington, D.C.
    Education: Graduated in 1999

    I currently live in , Maryland My interest in rapping began when I was seven years old by listening to the music my uncle listened to. Shortly after my interest in music began, I started writing my own lyrics about video games and other typical kids stuff. I did not take rapping seriously until I was e leven years old and I met a guy by the name of Chuck, who is the CEO of Rap Entertainment. Chuck and I worked together to create a full album, three videos and an E.P. I began performing when I was eleven years old, since then I have Built and image working towards my goal. When I perform, I feel a sense of relief; it is how I vent my frustrations and stress. I became a solo rapper in 2001, because the relationship with the CEO of the Group I Initially began with. Then I was working at target trying to get my first solo project off the ground. Finally finished was the 3 song Ep, Doe Equals no… I began to sell out of the trunk unit after unit. It was only five dollars you spend five dollars at the gas station!!!!!

    I recently started making my beats for my second album, because the producers became difficult to work with. Charging off the wall prices. keeping the good beats and re-using the beats. So I started the production company. Smackdown Productions on the rise……..

    Bighand Entertainment has released the Debut Album “The Answer is NO”. 17 tracks full of flavor. When I decided to do this CD, I wanted to create a classic. Something new to bump to, call it a breather…..

    We have also dropped “Ghetto Inauguration” by Fat K….. 20 tracks beats produced by SmackDown Productions….

    However at the current moment we having converted the label name to W.a.s.t.e Entertainment.I have finished the new album from ” THE ANSWER IS NO(RELOADED)” coming soon!!!!
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